This Day We Fight book by Francis Frangipane

There is an enemy at our gates. Though you may be aware of Satan's assault, are you praying with authority against him? If not, it is probably because Satan's first line of attack is often a spirit of heaviness, which renders Christians passive, and thus defenseless, against the unfolding battle. Indeed, if you aren't praying against the enemy, he is probably stealing something precious from you - and it may be the heart of a loved one, the future of your church or the destiny of our nation. Francis Frangipane tells us that the call of God is a call to war. As we stand at the cusp of a major spiritual awakening in our land, the Holy Spirit is ready to impart a fresh anointing to God's people - an anointing that will activate the "war mode" in your heart. Ours is not a time of peace or surrender. No, this day we fight!

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