The Generals Speak CD by Dr. Iverna Tompkins and Gwen Shaw

This 5 CD set blesses you with the opportunity to receive from two of God's Generals. Both Dr. Iverna Tompkins and Sister Gwen Shaw have given their lives to the purposes of the Lord. These mighty ones have released the kingdom into the earth by the grace of God and the gift of the Holy Spirit for decade upon decade. They have seen lives changed, nations impacted, and multitudes saved through their ministries.

CD 1: Get Ready for Action / Dr. Iverna Tompkins
CD 2: A Sagacious Woman / Dr. Iverna Tompkins
CD 3: A Greater Great Awakening / Dr. Iverna Tompkins
CD 4: We Were Born for This Hour PT1 / Sister Gwen Shaw
CD 5: We Were Born for This Hour PT2 / Sister Gwen Shaw

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