The Five Dimensions of Faith - Book by Patrick H. Carter

Has it ever happened to you?  You attend an amazing conference, or perhaps a series of revival meetings, or maybe you simply responded to your pastor's call after the Sunday service.  You feel renewed!  Refreshed!  You see yourself standing beside Moses contemplating the burning bush and with Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration beholding Jesus in all of His glory.  It's real, there's no doubt about it!  Nothing counterfeit about the love overflowing your heart, your hunger for the Word, your desire to share Christ with others.

But a month or two later only the memory of the experience remains;  nothing of the fruit.  What has happened?  The fires of a new experience in the Spirit mush be stoked daily or the fire will die out the the warm coals will  cease to glow.  You need not only a new experience...but a new lifestyle!  A lifestyle that will cause you to live out your life fully as God intended.

In The Five Dimensions of Faith, you will learn that lifestyle, which produces lasting fruit.  This book puts keys in your hand that, used daily, will release the power of God's promises to you.  Will you take the dare?  Plunge into The Five Dimensions of Faith and unleash the Kingdom dimension in your life!


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