Preschoolers in His Presence By Becky Fischer

Written by Becky Fischer
104 Powerful Mini Lessons, 172 Pages
A year’s worth of Material

Preschoolers in His Presence is a vital tool that will assist leaders in teaching little ones to encounter God. Some think preschoolers are too young to understand these concepts, but you will see after using this curriculum, they are capable of amazing spiritual exploits. The teachings in each GOD CENTER are presented in small bite sizes that they will easily understand.

There is no age limit on how young a child can be to learn to pray, worship, heal the sick, be filled with the Holy Spirit and more! This curriculum from KIMI is for the “littlest saints.” Begin teaching your preschoolers to step into the realm of the spirit. Also check out the outstanding visual kit full of creative object lessons (found on our website) that comes with this series of lessons.

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