Prayer Recipes EBook / Book by Genevieve Roy

Youre holding a dagger! In Prayer Recipes, Genevieve Roy has created a dagger from a broadsword, which will effectively hit the heart of your circumstances. In these pages are decrees and prayers from the Word of God that when spoken in faith will effect eternal change. Using the power of your tongue to release the Word of God, you can build the framework that will structure your world. In Prayer Recipes you will prepare for victory with biblical declarations that create a landing strip for heavens invasion of earth. Find prayers based in God's Word for:

* unsaved loved ones

* your spouse and children

* wisdom & identity

* financial breakthrough

* purity & devotion

* healing for every area of your body

* much, much, more!

This is no ordinary book of recipes; this is how the Bride of Jesus cooks with faith in equal measure with the promises of God and mix thoroughly. Lets get in the kitchen and begin to prepare the way of the Lord!

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