Power of Honour - CD by Rob Packer (Christmas Special)

Worldwide there is a growing hunger in the Body of Christ to come into the fullness of all that we have been created for. In the spiritual battle that were in we see much of the Church contained and held back, and the manifest presence of God severely restricted. But one of the revelations being released to us in this hour holds a key to the breakthrough we contend for!

In this powerful 2-part series Rob Packer shows how honour is the key that releases the Church to be who we are. It is also the key that releases God to be who He is. Through this teaching you will discover who you really are, how Jesus answers the deepest cry of your heart, and how to live in a relationship with God that releases His manifest presence in your life and in the world around you.

The world is crying out for the reality of God to be seen. Let Him be seen in you!

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