Living in Abraham's Blessing MP3 Download/CD by Kim Hadaway

In this teaching we discover the covenant that God made with Abraham, and how every one of these promises applies to us also, through Jesus.

The Lord told Abraham, that He would be blessed, but then he would also be a blessing. The word says that in Abraham all the families of the earth will be blessed. In this word we discover all the promises God made Abraham and how we are called to lay hold of all of them for ourselves and our families, and then as we possess these we can be reproducers of these blessings. Abraham was blessed, his children were blessed, his grandchildren were blessed, and his family and his servants were blessed, because of the covenant God made with Abraham. In times of famine in the world Abraham flourished. There need not be any unfruitful time in our lives, because our creator has made us to be a blessed people. Lets begin to possess these promises and start walking in everyone of them.

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