His Passionate Pursuit Ebook by Victoria Boyson

Through passionate encounters with God, Victoria Boyson has given us an articulate portrait of God's heart for us. His Passionate Pursuit is a gift to the Body of Christ to dispel the lies of centuries of spiritual barrenness in the Church.

Victoria reveals a God who is motivated in every action by His love for you. When you are wounded, it grieves Him deeply. When you forgive, He beams with pride. When you miss it, Hes your cheerleader saying, Come on, you can do it Û_ keep trying Û_ dont give up! Even when you are caught in sin and face the consequences of it, it hurts Him even more than it hurts you.

It is God's desire that you see Him as your heavenly Father. It was His plan, His design, and His desire for you to see Him as a truly loving Father who cares about everything you do.

Even when you are at your very worst, He wants you to run into His arms and receive His abundant grace and favor for your life. That is what grace means: it means you can run to Him even when youve done wrong.

In this book Victoria also challenges you to embrace the captivating revelations of His passion for you - His beloved bride. It is an invitation to an awakening encounter with God.

His Passionate Pursuit is a portal to heaven, unleashing God's presence into your life, empowering you with an impartation from His heart.

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