FIRE Power Prayer Plunge 2014 MP3 Download / CD Set by Patricia King and Robert Hotchkin

Are you ready to add some FIRE Power to your prayer? FIRE stands for "Fervent Intercession for Revival and Evangelism." And as you listen to these 10 power-packed messages, you'll be plunged into deep revelation that will stir up your faith and teach you to call the fire of God into the earth. You will discover how to pray like Elijah prayed, and to expect the same results - glorious harvest and radical revival being birthed into the earth and into your life!


CD 1: It is Finished (Robert Hotchkin)

CD 2: Faith part 1 (Patricia King)

CD 3: Faith part 2 (Patricia King)

CD 4: Hearing God's Voice (Patricia King & Robert Hotchkin)

CD 5: Leading Prayer (Patricia King)

CD 6: The Gift of Tongues (Patricia King)

CD 7: Calling Down the Fire (Robert Hotchkin)

CD 8: Birthing Prayer (Robert Hotchkin)

CD 9: Praying for Events (Patricia King)

CD 10: Creating a Prayer Shield (Patricia King)

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