Endtime Spiritual Warriors - book by Randy Demain

Endtime Spiritual Warriors:  An awakening call to the body of Christ

Every day we witness the speed with which the enemy advances, apparently gaining more and more territory.  This should not surprise us - Entime prophecy speaks of powers of darkness,l global geopolitical changes and natural events that will disrupt our way of life.

But this is not the time to become frightened, pessimistic, or withdrawn.  Rather, it is time for the church to rise up and, as the bride of Christ, become all that we have been called to be.

Endtime Spiritual Warriors is a spiritual equipping manual for this time.  First it exposes many of the enemies tactics and weaponry.  Next, it shares the supernatural weapons that the body of Christ has and must become better equipped to use.  The book gives great biblical insight into spiritual warfare basics, the power of praise, war on Earth and in heaven, unlocking wartime finances, the angels' role in warfare, the Blood and more.

The devil's time is short.  Increasingly, he has been releasing everything he has upon the world.  It is time for a new level of spiritual warriors to arise.  The endtime generation will be the most advanced and effective generation on earth, as God brings forth His finest to overcome.

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