Growing In God's Abundance Digital Bundle

Patricia King, Katie Souza, and John Perks believe through biblical principles that God wants His people blessed! In these teachings, they show you from a biblical perspective how to access and attract God's divine abundance in your life.

Digital Download Bundle Includes:

  • The Replenishment Anointing, Ebook by Patricia King
  • Decrees for Financial Breakthrough, Ebook by Patricia King
  • Step Into Supernatural Provision, Ebook by Patricia King
  • Attack On Lack, MP3 teaching series by Patricia King
  • Banking In the Glory, MP3 teaching series by Katie Souza
  • Thousand Fold Blessing, MP4 teaching by Katie Souza
  • Breaking the Spirit of Poverty, MP3 teaching by John Perks
  • What Table Are You Sitting At, MP3 teaching by John Perks
  • Breaking Slave Mentality Session 1, MP4 by John Perks


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